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A Night With Disney on Ice
As I sit here, my feet up, relaxing late at night, after seeing Disney on Ice?s Passport to Adventure, I can?t help but grin as I hear my 3 year old giggling in her sleep, knowing that seeing her favorite characters dancing out on the ice has produced this reaction.  All three of my kids talk, laugh, or yell in their sleep, usually at each other, so the giggling is always preferable to hear.  While I had a great time, too, I?m just glad to be home out of the icy cold wind and really could use hot chocolate, though I don?t feel like making any right now.

We arrived early to pick up the tickets which were provided to me by Feld Entertainment (Thank You!!!) at will call at the Blue Cross Arena, then we bought a 5th ticket (since there are 5 of us) and were excited to learn we got the very last seat in our entire section.  Next we went to find where we accessed our seats.  We were there early so we skipped dinner.  We went in search of food, which ended up being pizza, and then took our seats so we could eat our dinner.  We were a good hour early.  That entire hour my little one kept asking if Mickey was getting dressed (because when she asked where he was, I figured that that would be the best way to explain it).  So the whole time?Mickey was behind the curtain getting dressed, sometimes eating dinner, too.  When the show began, a few skaters came out throwing boomerang toys around on the ice, making not only my daughter squeal, but another toddler somewhere behind us.  It was really cute. 

Of course the crowd cheered as Mickey and the gang came out, and received a standing ovation from my daughter (I?ll just call her ?T?).  T couldn?t help but dance and pretend to skate along with all of the characters, laugh and squeal at the monkeys in the Lion King, and ask if ?the kitty? (Nala) was okay when she fell on the ice.  Personally I just kept thinking?man that?s gotta hurt.  It made me sit there for a bit, taking in all of the detailed costumes.  That really can?t be easy to skate in.  I have a hard enough time standing up on the ice, let alone skate.  Wearing a costume has to be 100x harder.  Props to you ladies and gentlemen on the Disney skate crew!

The rendition of the Lion King was beautifully adapted to the ice.  The figure skating style portrayed the love between Simba and Nala more than the actual movie did.  I was in love! I love figure skating anyway, but to see some of the characters I grew up loving, put to that beautiful ice dance, I was in awe.  My all-time favorite Disney movie is The Little Mermaid, and that was next.  I loved the giant Ursula and all of the costumes in this part of the show.  The fall of Ursula was a great show in of itself including fireworks! But the Kiss the Girl segment was my favorite.  I love the song, and loved the ice dancing for this.  I wasn?t quite as impressed by the Lilo & Stitch skit, which followed, but I love the Hawaiian dancing.  I missed seeing Gantu! I imagine a giant shark-man would be difficult to adapt to the ice, however.  And I didn?t see Cobra Bubbles either, the FBI Agent(?) turned Social Worker who checks in on Lilo and Nani in the movie.  The Ugly Duckling rendition in it, however, was super fun with the music they chose, and overall it was still a lot of fun to see.

After an intermission the show went on, but I don?t want to ruin it for you all! I?m a big Peter Pan fan, having read the book, seen the movies and several non-Disney versions, and T watches Jake and the Neverland Pirates on tv whenever it?s on.  She was a pirate for Halloween.  Her choice! I was a little worried about T?s behavior throughout the show.  She was kind of all over the place in front of us, but no one seemed to mind (of course this is how every toddler is there), but she was all over the floor, laying there in the 2nd act.  She had lost interest in anything but her favorite Mickey and Pals.  Any time they were on stage, she was at attention, dancing, and cheering.  Since she only just turned 3 in August and isn?t quite 3 ˝ yet, I?d say she did pretty well.  My older two ended up coming along for the ride, and one of them said she didn?t expect she?d have fun watching since she?s ?too old? (yeah right?) but she had loved it.  She?s 10, going on 11 in February.  So really it was a great event for a wide range of kids.  T exhausted herself, fell to sleep on our way home, and didn?t wake when we got home.  So she just crashed in her clothes.  Bonus for me! I?d absolutely love to see the newest Disney movie written into a ?Disney on Ice? performance.  Frozen.  It?s meant to be on ice! And T kept asking about it.  She?s newly obsessed with it, since it had been her first movie theater experience.   With another Disney show coming to the Blue Cross Arena on March 23rd, Disney Live! Mickey?s Music Festival, it might be something we look into going to.  They?re having only two performances at 2:00 PM and 5:00 PM.  Tickets are available already on the Blue Cross Arena website for anyone interested! My tickets for Disney on Ice Passport to Adventure were provided by Feld Entertainment.  Thank You Feld Entertainment!!!

Disney On Ice presents Passport to Adventure
On January 22nd, 2014 at 7:00 PM Disney On Ice?s Passport to Adventure kicks off their opening show and my 3 year old is eagerly awaiting this moment.  Her all-time favorite characters are the characters from Mickey Mouse Club House (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, and Goofy), and that?s exactly what this show will star.  Mickey leads his friends on a whirlwind vacation adventure across the world of Disney, visiting Simba?s savannah, Ariel?s ocean, and beyond with the music every Disney fan is in love with!

I eagerly await opening night which will be my daughter?s 2ndshow?her first being the movie Frozen.  She did really well there, so I anticipate this show keeping her attention far more than a movie.  She sat spellbound as Elsa wove her spell of ice and snow, and the sisters sang.  She insists I play the song ?Let it Go? over and over on my cell phone.  I remember when I saw The Little Mermaid in the theater how it felt like it completely changed my life.  Namely it set the stage for me to love music and singing, which prevailed even until now in adulthood.  Disney has a way of seeping into your life, altering it just a little, and yet enough.  So I am excited to share the opportunity with my children whenever I get that chance.  It came to fruition with visiting Disney World for the first time as a family, before my youngest was born.  My absolute favorite moment was when my youngest at the time, who has red hair, sat with Ariel and she just looked up at her in wonder.  Another redhead like herself.  And Ariel said to her ?You look just like me!? (Although now I?d have to say she looks more like Merida from Brave). 

I am now incredibly excited to share the magic with the members of the RochesterMommies! We are hosting a giveaway! Two lucky winners will receive a family four pack of tickets to go and see Disney On Ice?s Passport to Adventure on opening night, January 22nd, 2014 at 7:00 PM! The show is being held at the Blue Cross Arena in Rochester, NY.   If you would like a chance to win one of these 4-ticket Family Packs, please read the rules below:

You must:
  1. Be a member of the RochesterMommies (only moms can join, you must live in or around Rochester, have valid information, etc) 
  2. Post ONCE below with your favorite Magical Adventure or Destination
  3. Reply back by Private Message if you are the winner, with contact information

This giveaway runs from January 16th, 2014 to January 19th,  2014, 11:59 PM, so come back tomorrow and start posting comments! Any posted before the 16thwill be invalid.  We will draw the winner via, post it here, and notify the winner by Private Message on  You must respond back to acknowledge by noon on the 20th.  If you do not, we will choose another winner.  One person cannot win both sets of four tickets.  Contact information MUST be provided once you acknowledge your winning, as we give this information to the venue.  Good luck!

Performances for Disney On Ice presents Passport to Adventure will be held at 7 p.m. Jan. 22; 7 p.m. Jan. 23; 7 p.m. Jan. 24; 11 a.m., 3 and 7 p.m. Jan 25; and 1 and 5 p.m. Jan. 26. 

Tickets for Disney On Ice presents Passport to Adventure start at $20.00.  Tickets are at market pricing.  Additional charges may apply.  Kids? tickets, for children ages 12 and under, are available for $15.00 for all 7:00 PM shows (children age 2 and older must have a ticket).  Restrictions apply.  Tickets are available at the Blue Cross Arena box office or through Ticketmaster by visiting
To discover more about Disney on Ice, go to or visit them on Facebook and YouTube.  Members of the media are invited to visit the Press Room at

About Feld Entertainment

Feld Entertainment is the worldwide leader in producing and presenting live touring family entertainment experiences that lift the human spirit and create indelible memories, with 30 million people in attendance at its shows each year.  Feld Entertainment?s productions have appeared in more than 70 countries on six continents and include Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey®, Feld Motor Sports, Disney On Ice and Disney Live!.


I have drawn the two winners! I am private messaging the two winners! Do NOT comment below to answer if you are the winner.  Please reply BY NOON today (1/20/14) EST.  The winners are #4 and #7! 

Organize Yourself With a Binder
A home organizational binder is a binder that organizes a home! Okay maybe that's a little vague. It organizes EVERYTHING. How's that for an explanation? Really it does though. It organizes anything you want it to. I think for me that was the most difficult thing to control. I see the ?big picture? rather than the steps to get there. I know a task can be realized, and often mentally simplify the road. This can be a great tool for planning things! But it's horrible for organizing. In high school and college, I'd write my paper before my outline, just as an example. How does this relate to my binder? I imagine myself sitting in a crisp white kitchen, wearing Dockers and polo shirts, with fresh cut flowers on my tiled top island, on a bar stool, when I actually don't own any of that. The reality will likely be me organizing this big thing, then not being late, my kids knowing what's going to happen, my mother knowing how to deal with everything when she babysits, etc. And me still in jeans and t-shirts.

If you're looking to organize your life, it very well might give you a makeover as well, so I can't guarantee you won't start being the mom who everyone stares at saying ?I wish I could be as together as she is.? That's my goal. To be that mom. I've already had a taste of it using and let me tell you that (free) website is AMAZING. If you aren't using it, you need to be. It organizes your calendar (you share the account with your whole family), your meal plan, grocery and to-do lists, and more! But back to the binder. Why am I doing the binder if I have Cozi? You can have SO MUCH MORE.

There are a lot of binders out there you can purchase. On etsy there are great starters (nearly everything you could imagine), for about $30.00. I will tell you how much I spent on mine so far...$4.99. I've printed everything on my home computer. I bought a giant pack of paper for about $6.99 from Target, we have extra computer ink and we were nearly out of cyan and yellow, so we did need to replace during the printing process, however, all in all it didn't really use much up. I don't know how many pages I have. Sorry! But I can tell you that all of my resources were free. What do I have in my binder? See below!

*Remaining 2013 Calendar

*2014 Calendar

*Bedtime Routine

*Morning Routine

*Binder Cover and dividers

*Black Friday Shopping Organizing List (...oh yes)

*Children's Wardrobe Checklist

*Daily Goals Checklist

*Emergency Kit

*Fall Home Maintenance

*Kids Chore Charts

*Peek at the Week

*Pet Information Sheet

*Phone and Address List

*Phone Emergency Information

*Phone Restaurants ? Takeout

*Seasonal Back to school Checklist

*Birthday Guest List

*Birthday Planner

*Summer Home Maintenance

*Basic Medical Information

*Quarterly Home Maintenance

*Blank Lined Paper

*Kids' information sheets

*Spring Home Maintenance

*Warranty Tracker

*Blank Labels for tabs

*Medication Information

*Tax Checklist

*Weekly Routine Chart

You can add whatever you want in the binder. I know people who have their meal planning calendar, recipes, coupon envelope, school information (I'll be adding this, just need to find a good printable for it), doctor visit info, dental visit info, grocery list, budgets (weekly, every other week, monthly, etc), refrigerator inventory, freezer or pantry inventory, household inventory for insurance purposes, mileage log for driving, baby sitter information...need I go on? Just look around yourself and see if you see any papers. You can find a way to put that in there if it's not garbage.

With three kids, being a Chapter Manager of RochesterMommies, being a photographer, working in the daycare center of the gym I go to, being an assistant running coach for my daughter's team, being in the church choir, and sort of homeschooling my 3 year old for preschool this year, I'm BUSY. I'm hoping this binder can help make this all easier! Do you use a binder? Are you considering doing one? Take a moment to tell us about it and leave a comment!!

I gathered free printables from the following and I urge you to visit them! They have a lot of information:

This is my pretty binder below, with some of the pages spread out.  I got it from Target.  :)  No, you can't slide a cover page in but I ended up sticking it inside...probably didn't need it but it's all good. 

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